How to Make The Most Of Your Workout When You Don’t Have A Lot of Time

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Fitting in workouts can be challenging when your days are filled with so many other obligations – I get it. So, if you’re pressed on time but still want to exercise, try these 5 fitness hacks that can help you workout for a short amount of time with the best results.

1. Increase intensity

Short workouts are all about high intensity and can be just as effective as a longer gym session. Try interval training and decrease your rest time in-between sets to increase the intensity of your workout.

2. Compound Movements

Utilize more than one muscle group by performing exercises such as push-ups and squats.

3. Full Body Movements

Incorporate full body movements such as burpees and mountain climbers to get the best bang for your buck.

4. Explosive Movements

Incorporate explosive movements that require power. Think tuck jumps and long jumps.

4. Have a Plan

Have a prewritten workout plan ready, so when you are ready to execute, you do not need to take time thinking about what exercises to perform.

One key to a good workout, intense or not, is good form. You’ll reduce your risk of injury and improve the effectiveness of your workout. 

Now it’s time to put that knowledge into sweaty action. Below are three workouts you can do in less time than it takes to eat lunch. For the sake of simplicity, I designed all of these workouts as bodyweight-only sessions you can do anywhere.

Workout 1: Lower body

Complete the following for time (as fast as possible):

  • 50 air squats
  • 20 jump squats
  • 50 alternating lunges
  • 20 alternating jump lunges
  • 20 tuck jumps

Give yourself a time cap to make it more challenging!

Workout 2: Full body cardio

In 20 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following:

  • 50 high kees
  • 50 mountain climbers
  • 50 jumping jacks
  • 50 russian twists

Workout 3: Upper body and core

Complete the following sequence one time through (12 minutes total): 

For four minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of:

  • 10 push ups (modify on knees if needed)
  • 10 plank shoulder taps

For four minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of:

  • 5 burpees
  • 5 v-ups
  • 5 supermans

For four minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of:

  • 30 second high plank
  • 10 downward dog pushups

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